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Total Solar Eclipse - South

During a Solar Eclipse, there can be a feeling of optimism - but also a sense of urgency to own up to any past experiences that you’re holding on to.


Eclipses are unusual events; Total Solar Eclipses only occur every 2-3 years and can set the tone until the next one occurs. This is an ideal moment to plant seeds of intention that can last for a long time.


As with all things in life, eclipses come with a bright side and a shadow side. They can usher in great new possibilities, but they can also bring up feelings of uncertainty or even regret.


At this time, there could be an increased awareness of the mistakes, denials, and hidden sides of all humanity, as well as of those that you feel you have made.


For instance, you may recall times when you went against your own sense of what was right. This realization could seem uncomfortable, but the intention is for you to explore the furthest reaches of your subconscious and address anything that’s not aligned with your truth.


This is the time to break out of any rigid mentalities that no longer apply to you. Take this opportunity to acknowledge places where you’ve strayed from your path. Then you can start anew and seek a higher perspective.


Ideally, in the days and hours leading up to the point of totality, you can take ownership of what has happened without guilt or shame. Confronting any hidden or neglected areas within you could create space and help you picture what you want to happen in the years to come.


Eclipses are not to be taken lightly. In previous times, many cultures feared these events. Today, while there’s no need to be afraid, realize that this is a crucial time to be conscious and set intentions. Take this time to powerfully and clearly plant the seeds for a better future that’s aligned with your purpose and humanity’s purpose.


You can consider these events to be extremely powerful portals - like a short time outside of time. If you apply yourself with consciousness, awareness, and attention, you can do important personal and collective work and accelerate your soul’s journey.


Ultimately this eclipse is an opportunity to explore what’s beneath the surface and clear out anything that’s obscuring your truth.

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