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How does rising sign compatibility affect your romantic relationship?

The Rising Sign is part of your Relationship Axis in your Natal Chart, which reveals the path of relationship you are on in this life. When comparing your connection with another person it can reveal the purpose for being in a relationship for the both of you. Which, in addition with several other factors, can explain whether the match is in alignment or not. The Rising Sign, along with the Descendant are key factors in knowing what an individual is looking for in a relationship and what they are meant to learn from each one.


When looking at the compatibility between 2 people, the alignment of the rising signs (ASC) and the Descendent (DSC) contribute a great deal towards compatibility in a long-term relationship. For example, if one person’s ASC is very closely conjunct to the other person’s DSC, this suggests a harmonious union and complimentary, stable dynamic in a long-term relationship. This is often one of the key ingredients in what we see as a SOULMATE. 


In a way, we can see Ascendent as the purpose of a person in this life, while Descendent is what this person is looking for that will support this destiny. Usually this is found in another person or atleast where one finds the inspiration to discover it or uncover it within themselves. Therefore when 2 people have opposite ASC/DSC, the mutual support in the couple’s individual purpose is very strong in the long run. There are many other factors contributing towards the strength of the bond between 2 people, including the moon, Mars and Venus. The bond function within The Pattern App calculates every important element between 2 people and offers in-depth insights in each area.

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