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When are you astrologically most likely to meet a potential long term partner?

You are most likely to meet a potential long term partner when you’re in an astrological cycle that is activating the parts of your chart most associated with relationships. You are often in an astrological cycle, and some of these timings are more influential to finding a partner, whereas other cycles are more for business, home, or purpose. 


There is a feature on our app that gives you your timings for the cycles currently happening in your life. Look for when your timings have a planet such as Jupiter or Uranus for example transiting one of the parts of your chart that has most do with relationships, such as the DSC or Mars or Venus, then there is more of a chance of finding love. Or for your love life to change in some way. 


Specifically when the North Node or Jupiter is transiting your DSC, it’s a time of relationship expansion in which we call a “partner of destiny” transit.. The DSC has the most to do with what you are looking for in a long term relationship. So when the planet of expansion and growth, Jupiter, or the point of destiny, the North Node transits the DSC, you are bound to discover something new in regards to your relationship path. This would be a key time to open yourself up to the next octave of a relationship in your life. 


In addition to this there are also the Venus and Mars signs which have a tremendous amount to do with your love life. Who you are in a relationship and how you want to be seen as well as who you are looking for in a relationship and what you like. So when one of these outer planets in the sky is transiting your natal venus or mars, then this activates these parts of you. Therefore they activate your need to discover who you are through relationships. 


There is also another factor in our timings section that has to do with the progressed moon. When the progressed moon is transiting your relationship points in your birth chart, the DSC, Venus, or Mars, then this highlights the need to explore these parts of yourself for a time period. You can find these time periods with peak dates in your timings section of your Pattern profile. 

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