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Total Solar Eclipse - North

A Solar Eclipse can usher in feelings of optimism and new possibilities. This is a moment where you can be propelled forward in powerful and incredible ways.

During a Solar Eclipse, you might feel ready to take a giant leap into your future - and this is the time to envision it. A Solar Eclipse can set the tone for the next 2-3 years, especially if you’re able to witness it. It’s an ideal moment for planting seeds of intention.

While this time can feel positive and expansive, be aware that all eclipses also have a shadow side. This means you’ll need to work with the mistakes and denials of the past. However, this is all part of a process that helps you grow.

During this time, you might feel things more intensely or find yourself having emotions that seem uncontrollable. At times it can feel overwhelming or scary. It might be hard to make sense of where these feelings are coming from. In truth, a lot of what you’re experiencing may not have anything to do with you at all, because this energy is affecting everyone.

Ideally, you can consciously take responsibility for any previous behavior that didn’t feel right for you. This includes actions taken within your personal life and outside of it, as part of the culture at large. When you’re able to acknowledge these issues, you can clear the way for a future that’s more aligned with your purpose.

It can be very effective to do this work in the hours leading up to the exact point of totality. During this time, recall and address any mistakes and shadow behaviors that come to mind, whether they were made by you or by others. Ideally, you can take ownership of what has happened without guilt or shame.

Confronting these “shadow” programs will plant the seeds and clear space for what you’re picturing in the years to come. Then, when totality ends, actively and consciously envision the future that you desire.

Eclipses are unusual and potent events, with Total Solar Eclipses only occurring every 2 or 3 years. They’re even rarer to witness. In previous times, many cultures feared eclipses.

Today, these events aren’t to be taken lightly, but they can be experienced as extremely powerful times to do positive personal and collective spiritual work, accelerating your soul’s journey.

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