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What to expect during New Moon in Aries

This New Moon is in the part of the sky known as Aries. The moon is directly in between the earth and the sun. 


Because the sunlit side is facing away from Earth, it looks like the moon is gone and the sky is dark. Symbolically, the New Moon represents a kind of blank slate and a fresh start for each month. It’s important to approach these few days with conscious attention, because they will influence the rest of the month for you.


With a New Moon in Aries, the month is about commitments. If you have been struggling to find what to devote your time to, this is the moment to figure this out. Or, if you’ve been tied to something that isn’t working, this is when you should switch your priorities and move on to something that’s more aligned with your mission.


You might feel bold, confident, and full of vitality. This is a good time to launch a new project, as you’ll likely find little resistance to put it out there in the world for others to appreciate.


During this period, your energy could seem infectious and magnetic, which might attract refreshing connections into your sphere. The intention of this cycle is to remind you of how powerful you are, and also that fear is an illusion. This is the perfect opportunity to move outside of your comfort zone.


When setting your intentions at this time, it’s important to focus on looking at your fears head on and understanding how they were formed. When you unpack your fears, you can see how they may have held you back from pursuing your truest desires.


In addition, take this opportunity to own your desires. Knowing what you want helps you figure out how to prioritize your goals, and it affirms where you are in your life.


Overall, this is a great time to express all parts of yourself unapologetically. If at times you downplay your gifts or talents just to fit in, this is a time to release those inhibitions.


Remembering that you can’t please everyone is important, and showing up as your authentic self can inspire many, while protecting your integrity.


This can be less of a time for accomplishing things, and more of a time for reflecting and imagining. Ideally, you can learn how to let go of any fears or doubts you may have regarding your direction or goals at this time.


Even if you can’t see tangible evidence of your efforts, over time, things will naturally come together. By exercising the gift of patience, you can retain the power and passion to move forward without hesitation.


At the same time, because this energy can increase the risk of burning out, make sure not to throw yourself into too many different projects at once.


During a New Moon in Aries, it’s helpful to ask yourself the following questions:


• What does it look like to make more courageous decisions in my life?


• How can I transform the way I interact with the world?


• If I could be successful at anything, what would I choose to do?


• Do I feel free enough to change my life?

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