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New Moon in Aquarius: Let go of Restrictions - 01/21/23 to 01/23/23

Currently the Moon is in a part of the sky called Aquarius. It is also the New Moon, meaning that the moon is directly in between the earth and the sun.


The sunlit side is facing away from Earth - so it looks like the moon is gone and the sky is dark. Symbolically, the New Moon represents a kind of blank slate and a fresh start for each month.


New Moons are like a portal, because they can support you to make new and exciting changes that will propel you forward toward your wildest visions.


This is an incredible time to set intentions that allow you to fully commit to change. Because this New Moon is in Aquarius, this month is about challenging your beliefs of what is possible, and seeing the limitless possibilities that are available to you.


In general, it could feel like there’s a sense of idealism in the air - or you might feel a need to escape or even rebel. The people around you might be feeling this way too.


This moon phase can also encourage you to ground yourself with calming rituals, to help you stay relaxed. The intention is to create space for innovative concepts to grow and expand.


Remember that your ideas are a gift, and even if you can’t see how they can become possible, there is always a way when you commit to them fully. If you’re feeling fearful of failure, this is a chance to dream without placing any pressure or expectations on the results. Just promise to do your best.


Consider how you want your personal message to be heard and how your ideas might push the collective forward. At the same time, try to give other people a chance to look at the world differently. Doing so also connects you with likeminded people.


Think about all the different ways you may have downplayed your ideas or didn’t truly speak up on how you truly felt. Sometimes it’s scary to express opinions that go against the general consensus, but when you do, you give yourself a chance to feel seen, heard, and understood.


Above all, this phase is an opportunity to assess how you want to build a life that centers your authentic principles. It’s a moment to call out any places where you feel as though you have to pretend to be something you’re not and to identify what is no longer serving your growth, so that you can become your truest self.


Make the choices that feel as though they are giving you ultimate freedom. When you believe you have the power to be the maker of your own world, you can make decisions from a place of courage and fearlessness.


During this time it’s helpful to ask yourself the following questions:


• What do you envision your group of like-minded souls to look and feel like?


• How comfortable are you with being experimental or thinking out of the box?


• Do you fear putting your message out in the world? Think about past experiences that made you feel like you couldn't speak your authentic truth.


• Do you attempt to fit in with others and be more “normal?” Do you try to hide what’s unique about you, or are you ashamed of it?


Some suggested actions include:


• Consider doing something that’s totally, uniquely about you, and isn’t in any way connected to the expectations or beliefs of others. Perhaps this action isn’t “normal” for you or expected of you, or maybe it’s avant-garde or leading-edge.


• Alternatively, consider just giving yourself lots of space from others.


• Think about taking action purely for the purpose of finding a wider or higher vision - choose activities that don’t depend on practicalities or material gain.


• Remember to be yourself - because everyone else is already taken.

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