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Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn - 12/29/2022 - 01/17/2023

Today, the planet Mercury is Retrograde, and it is in the part of the sky known as Capricorn. This energy can disrupt or alter communication - making this a good time to think deeply about your current choices and goals.


This is an incredible chance to think about whether your actions are building a meaningful path and future for you. It’s a moment to be introspective about whether your goals are aligned with your dreams or whether they are conforming to societal ideals.


Any disruptions you experience during this time - especially around external measures of success, like your job or projects - are here to get you to examine your motivations. This is a good time to think if fear is holding you back from taking a leap toward your biggest desires, because they may seem unrealistic.


Instead, you’re being encouraged to believe that anything is possible when you set manageable goals. This is an opportunity to identify which structures and foundations in your life need to change to help you move forward more productively.


Most people assume that the world works in a logical, linear, and somewhat predictable way - but that’s not always the case. Expecting that on any given day, everything will go as planned actually helps perpetuate this illusion. During this time frame, these assumptions can be compromised. The “regular,” logical flow of events will appear to be disrupted.


As a result, the world won’t operate in the way you expect. Instead, what seemed objective becomes subjective; left-brain becomes right-brain; and connections will be missed - both with people and with technology and machines. Schedules, rules, routines, plans, messages, or emails - anything requiring rational functioning or communication - might not work as they usually do.


These energies may or may not affect everyone the same way - they probably won’t feel as strong as any personal cycles that you’re having. But if you know what’s happening, you can set intentions or take advantage of these energies - and not feel overwhelmed if things feel out of control.


This might be easier for you if you already operate outside of the mainstream - like if you work in a non-traditional or creative field. However, if you depend on logic to function, you may feel especially challenged right now.


It’s also possible that your career insecurities could become more visible during this time. You could become more aware of whether a fear of failure is influencing your behavior.


Any disruptions and confusion can be annoying, but if you’re able to overlook them, this time frame can offer special possibilities. This is a unique opportunity to become more self-aware of how your mindset is currently affecting your ambitions.


See this moment as an opportunity to move past linear thinking and let your mind go beyond conventional wisdom and expectations. This can be a great few weeks for inner work, meditation, and reflection.


Just remember to exercise a little patience - and realize that others around you are probably a little unclear and inconsistent as well. Without taking these hiccups into account, you could easily experience confusion, frustration, and exasperation during this time.


The purpose of this cycle is to alter any assumptions that life - including your work and projects - will always proceed logically. Along with the rest of humanity, you’re being given an experience where your perception, cognition, and communication are being altered.


It’s also a good opportunity to let go of any strong attachment or stubbornness you might have around what’s “normal” in terms of your career - as well as your everyday routines and habits.


In any case, this may not be an ideal time to launch an ambitious or significant project, like buying a home or starting a business. Don’t worry if you can’t avoid it - just be open to the possibility that everything may not proceed as smoothly as you’d like.


The exception is if you’re very clear about your intention. If you know without a doubt what you’re doing and why, then it shouldn’t be a problem. However, if there are doubts, they’ll likely be amplified now and the effects could linger for quite some time, even if they don’t show up right away. If you have the option, wait until this cycle has passed in three weeks.


During this time frame, practice self-discipline by committing yourself to projects that are worthy of your effort and time. Pay extra attention to the details in your communications during this time, and exercise the power of active listening.

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