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Full Moon in Cancer: Find Home Within Yourself - 01/06/2023 - 01/08/2023

This Cancer Full Moon is a time to gain emotional awareness of yourself and to be sensitive to other people’s feelings.


This moon is illuminating the intentions you set two weeks ago, during the Capricorn New Moon, which concerned your legacy and taking action on what gives you a sense of purpose.


In addition, this is the first Full Moon of the new year. The intentions that you set at the New Moon can last 6 months or longer. What you plan and implement now can affect your life in the coming year.


When the moon is full, on January 6, your emotions might feel more intense than usual. You may feel especially restless or find it tricky to relax. You - or others around you - may have trouble sleeping tonight.


Things could even feel extreme, in this time of expansion and greatly magnified perception. This is an excellent chance to release old emotions that may have been weighing you down recently.


It’s also a moment in which you can receive insights into what is nourishing you and allowing you to feel safe, healed, and seen - and to become aware of what isn’t actually making you feel good.


If you’re happy with the intentions you set, those choices are being magnified right now and this can be a really enjoyable time to bask in the joy of their manifestation.


Hopefully, in the past two weeks, you’ve been able to create some meaningful goals and commit to them. If you’ve done all that you could to become part of a community or project that you’re proud of, then now you might feel very accomplished.


You and those around you may be feeling more emotionally vulnerable than usual, which may help you experience a closer level of intimacy in your relationships.


Additionally, your intuition may be off the charts; during this timeframe you can deepen your trust in your gut instinct and inner knowing.


Although you may feel incredibly emotionally aware right now, it’s also possible to feel overwhelmed by this energy. Some people may feel anxious or find that irrational fears are surfacing. This can happen because any previously hidden - or “shadow” - aspects of yourself or your environment are now being illuminated and exposed.


This is a good time to feel how you feel, without trying to find a logical explanation. You have full permission to surrender to your emotions, because avoiding them will only catch up with you at some point.


If you didn’t set clear intentions at the New Moon, or you didn’t take action to make them a reality, then you might be feeling remorseful or disappointed in yourself, almost like the feeling of having missed something.


Perhaps, as you sought to expand your responsibilities over the past two weeks, you ended up feeling burdened, overcommitted, or underappreciated. You might be feeling overwhelmed or like there’s nothing for you to do.


Even if you took on too much, remember that you’re learning how to manage your time and energy levels.


If you’re someone who’s already a sensitive type, you might feel an increased need to care for others and expand your compassion. Being with these emotions might seem like too much for you, even to the point of disrupting sleep.


In this case, try to take some time out for self-care and self-nourishment. The intention of this Full Moon energy is to help you see how to take care of yourself. Once your own needs are addressed, then this can be a great time to build community, be with family, and nourish connections.


Try to not be overly hard on yourself. Your self-judgment, and oversensitivity to the judgment of others, can also be greatly expanded with the Full Moon.


If you don’t usually prioritize emotional experiences, then this is your chance to do just that. See if you can find ways to put others first and support a person or project that needs some attention.


Themes to consider during this time:


• If things have gone well these past few weeks since the New Moon, you should be feeling a sense of accomplishment and like you’re a part of a project or community that you care about.


In addition, you may have noticed you’re able to balance your giving and receiving in such a way that you feel nourished while you’re nurturing others. You may also have seen and felt some measurable results from the plans and commitments you made in the last few weeks.


Maybe you’ve found a way to apply your skills to a project, your home life, or a group of people who are meaningful to you. Or you’re in a position to lead or teach others what you know.


At the same time, beware of certain pitfalls that may arise unexpectedly during this time, including acting bossy or arrogant, or being involved in relationships where you’re overgiving and aren’t appreciated. You may be so fixated on what you’re trying to accomplish that you lose touch with your own needs - or become upset when you don’t see the outcome you expect.


This energy can make people appear overbearing, controlling, or codependent. It can also increase any sense of guilt or judgment of yourself - or others.


• If it hasn’t been going so well these past weeks - perhaps you didn’t set intentions or you seemed to “fail” at achieving them - you may feel trapped and unable to escape the awareness of your predicament. The solution is to have compassion and empathy for yourself.


Try not to judge yourself for not setting intentions, or not carrying them through, or for experiencing a different outcome than you expected. Right now, focus on the expanded awareness you have. There will be other times when you can implement the actions that you now know are worth taking.


• This energy is encouraging you to be ambitious about the people and projects you care about - you’re meant to apply your skills and nurturing abilities. This might be a good time to add another person (friend, client, student) or a pet into your life.


However, with this Full Moon, you might feel compelled to be the most responsible person in the room - or feel like you’re the only one who can take care of people or get the job done. Be aware of any relationships or projects where your efforts aren’t valued, or there’s no evidence that your help is doing any good - and have the courage to end them.


• Right now, you may have a heightened ability to access the emotional richness that comes from nurturing your family and community - and an increased drive to achieve. This can create conflicting urges - you could want to be close and connected, but also want to get things done. Both needs are valid.


• If you’re able to find the balance between executing your plans and caring for your family and community, this will be a great Full Moon time for you. Just be sure not to go overboard either way. In any case, the illumination and expansion of this time will cast the necessary light of awareness on your situation.


This is a chance to prioritize your self-care, which includes checking in with your body and feelings. Ideally, you can experience what it means to live a fully embodied life, where you put your needs first to access deeper healing.

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